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Bulk Pick-up Assistance

We all know the frustration of seeing abandoned furniture or piles of waste cluttering up our neighborhoods. Not only do these eyesores obstruct our streets, but they can also pose serious fire hazards. That's why proper disposal of residential waste is crucial for the well-being of both our community and its members.

At Pretty Heart, we offer a solution for Alameda County residents who have non-hazardous trash items that are too large to be collected by their regular trash services. Whether it's a mattress, couch, tables, or chairs, we are here to help you lighten your load.

Forget about dumping your trash on some random corner or sneaking it into your neighbor's trash. Our monthly bulk pickups are designed to make disposing of your large items hassle-free and environmentally responsible. And the best part? It's completely FREE!

To arrange a pickup, simply email us at with the quantity, size, and weight of your items, and we will schedule an appointment or let you know when the next available pickup will be. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your items if they exceed our size and weight restrictions, but we will communicate that to you based on your descriptions.

For a successful pickup, make sure your items are easily accessible and avoid any stairs. Our first-come, first-served basis ensures that all Alameda County residents have a fair chance to benefit from our services.
Let's work together to clean up our neighborhoods and dispose of bulk items properly. Contact Pretty Heart today and take the first step towards a cleaner and safer community.

Bulk Pick-up Assistance
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