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Community Chest

Do you know someone or an organization that deserves recognition? Tell us WHO you are nominating and WHY they are worthy of praise. Each month, you can nominate one exceptional individual or group to be considered for the award. All nominations will be posted alongside others on our website.

As a visitor to our site, you can cast one free vote every day during the open voting period. The winners will be chosen bi-monthly based on the popular vote. Nominees who were not awarded in the previous months remain eligible and keep the votes they received.

But it doesn't stop there! Winners can be nominated again after a 12-month waiting period, ensuring that every deserving candidate has a chance to be recognized. Additionally, you can increase the impact and prize money by purchasing additional votes. For just $1 per vote, you can contribute to the prize pool and make a significant difference!

Once a winner has been determined, the prize pot will remain open for one additional week, allowing donors to contribute more funds directly to the awardee. This means that your support and spreading the word can generate even more prize money for the winner!

To nominate someone, please have their first and last name (or full organization name), email address, and phone number ready. The awardee will need to verify their identity with a photo ID to claim the prize money. The organization will need to be active at time of award. Any unclaimed prize money within six months will be returned to the Community Chest pot for future winnings.

Speaking of the prize, it starts at $50 and increases with every contribution. As a donor, you have seven weeks to vote, after which a winner will be awarded. You then have an additional week to contribute to the winner's prize monies. Each $5 contributed to the Community Chest adds $3 to the prize pot, $1 for future winners, and $1 pays for administrative fees. Your generous contribution can significantly impact the prize amount and benefit multiple winners in the future.

There is no limit to the prize amount, so the more support we gain, the larger the award can be! Help us celebrate the remarkable individuals and organizations who are changing the world, one heart at a time. Nominate someone for Community Chest today and donate directly to this program to watch the prize award grow!

Community Chest
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