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Cierra Moses

Cierra Moses is an African-Asian-American woman, grateful to have grown amidst the diversity of the Bay Area, California. Oakland is the city that has shaped Cierra’s drive and nurtured her happy-go-lucky spirit. Empowered throughout her early education in Oakland Public Schools, Cierra graduated from Skyline Senior High School, receiving a full academic scholarship to study architecture at the Howard University, in Washington, DC.

Cierra spent 13 years working in aquatics, as a certified lifeguard, and 5 years at non-profit organizations, where she gained much respect for people who do nonprofit work.

Cierra is blessed to be a mom and aunt, a cheerful giver, community organizer, and student. She is passionate about helping people find resources, services, capital, and creative ways to make positive change. She has earned a Certificate in Nonprofit Management, from the California State University East Bay, in Hayward, Ca. For the past decade, Cierra has worked for a leading utility company. Honored for the opportunity, Cierra pledges to sow seeds of love, rooted in acceptance and optimism.

Executive Director, Founder

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