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Sharifa Akilay Trinay Washington

Sharifa Washington, M.Ed., educational consultant and co-founder of Our Collective Impact LLC has served in various leadership roles within public, charter, and alternative education and has worked with middle and high school BIPOC students and families. For the past 15 years, equity and inclusion has guided her work, understanding the urgency to ensure that students are centered through learning environments that foster educational opportunities, intervention support, wellness, and leadership growth. Her goal has been to provide all stakeholders with equitable experiences being inclusive with diversity of voice and support that is collaborative and restorative. Sharifa received a B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations from California State University, Los Angeles and an M.A. in Educational Teaching from Alliant International University. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in Educational Leadership at Saint Mary's College of California. Sharifa is CEO of Revision Publishing LLC, a published author, podcast host, entrepreneur, and mother.

Vice President

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